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Astral Taxi’s second album is a 17 track masterpiece. Recorded at A Sharp Studios with Jeff Cripps at the helm.

Artist: Astral Taxi
Label: Worner Sister Studio
Release Date: 1996
Genres: Rock, Pop, Instrumental
People: Craig Small, Paul Cullum, Mark Giles, Todd Towler, Stuart Watkins

Track Listing And Lyrics

Instrumental introduction

What your eyes can see and what your ears can hear
Don't you realise that I need you near
Can't you see me, can't you feel me
Don't you take the time, to commit the crime
Does it feel the same when you light the flame
Can you taste it, don't you waste it

Why don't you wake up and look around
Cause there's so much out there to found


There's nothing you can say or do
That would ever change my mind about you
I'm tired of being second best
Why you hold secrets close to your chest

Cause I've heard it all before
That's why I'm walking out the door
And I've taken all I can, I'm a solitary man, I'm a solitary man

So many times I bit my lip
You watched me fall when I lost my grip
And a thousand times I took the blame
Now I'm not going to play your useless games


It's on the radio, TV and in magazines
It's even in your dreams


Ricky lived on the outskirts of town
He didn't want to be anyones clown
His daddy was mean, always making a scene
Then someone came along and said
What's going on inside your head


Yeah yeah, yeah yeah

Hollow nights of endless time
Calm moments so sublime
Too many thoughts, a clearness of mind
Time to reflect, memories to find

Like a beauty queen, from a magazine or a gorgeous dream, she was on the scene
You don't know where you are, the way she takes your heart, makes it race too fast, leaves you in the past

I don't know why, you've got me feeling so scared
Like playing solitaire
I don't know why, you've got me feeling despair
It's like truth or dare


She stood in the doorway, sour tears ran from sad blue eyes
That look on her face tells all isn't well, it crazy how young love can paralyse
Her friends warned her of that foolish boy, but she listened only to her heart
He treated her so recklessly now she hopes that the end of her misery will start

Sarah, you let that boy take control of your soul
Sarah, now what will you do, where will you go

It was a moonlight night at your friends house, singing, joking and having fun
But you were overdose with alcohol, your defences down, you were easily overcome
And nine months passed so slowly, you thought you were going wild
But now each night you're woken, by the screams of a hungry child


I love the music business, it's such a fulfilled life
But you better have a thick skin, to stick through all the strife

It's always the same, you've got to play the game
Take a spin and try to win


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